DCUK Task Force 2005

November 2005 - Latest News

The Task Force weekend took place on 4th - 6th November and a paper is being produced - the content of which will be presented at DCUK AGM on Sunday 4th December.

One immediate product of the Task Force is the setting up of a Knowledge Bank of Personnel and if you click here you sign up to offer help.

Whatís it about?

As part of their commitment to maintaining and developing the UK Drum Corps activity the Board of Trustees has decided to put together a Task Force in order to examine all aspects of the activity.

The last Task Force was held in 1995 and was responsible for giving guidelines to the management of DCUK for the ongoing development of the organisation and the drum corps activity.  It was as a result of this review that both the Cadet and Junior Classes were launched.

The Board of Trustees are in agreement that it is now time to hold another review of our activity to enable those responsible for the guidance of the activity in the UK to be given up-to-date summaries of the current state of the activity and the needs and wishes of the membership of DCUK for future developments. 

When will it happen?

The Task Force is to be held over a weekend, from Friday evening to Sunday lunchtime, in either late October or early November and once the venue is booked and confirmed in the next week or so then a definite date will be announced.  This timing has been chosen in order to ensure that it does not interfere with the competitive seasons and also to allow sufficient time for a draft report to be presented to the DCUK Annual General Meeting on Sunday 4th December 2005.

What do we need?

Basically, ideas and volunteers!

What we want is a group of enthusiastic people to review the activity without any pre-determined constrictions on topics or agenda, however, we also need something to talk about!

Below is a link to the DCUK Taskforce Forum and we would like this forum to be used to place your ideas as to what YOU think the important issues are.

Please feel free to post your ideas, comments and suggestions, we want to hear what you think, thereís no limit on ideas and thereís only one rule Ė

  • Keep it clean and polite J

Please also use the forum to volunteer your services, or, if you prefer, please email us at taskforce@dcuk.org.uk

You can also use this email to send us ideas if youíre shy, although you donít have to use your name on the forum!

So what happens now?

If you would like to be involved in the Task Force weekend then please let is know your name and a contact email and telephone number as soon as possible.

We will be issuing invitations by mid June to those people selected to attend.

Unfortunately it wonít be possible to invite everyone who volunteers so please donít be too disappointed if youíre not invited.  The Task Force organisers will be trying to get a spread of people with different ideas, backgrounds, views and experiences so that we get the best out of the weekend for the future of the activity.

Please feel free to post your ideas, comments and suggestions on the Forum and we will keep you posted on developments over the next few weeks.

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