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Registration Form - DCUK 2017 

If you wish to register for DCUK 2017 please use the Contact Form at the bottom of this page. This is the only method of registration!

Please read all the information on this page PRIOR to registering to ensure you are aware of all procedures and payment requirements. By clicking on the "Send to DCUK" button you are confirming you have read and understood all information supplied (inc the DCUK Rules and Costs & Payments PDF files)

Confirmation of Registration
Once you have registered you will receive confirmation, normally within 24/72 hours, together with details of payment dates and how payments can be made.

Class Structure
As we have done for the past few seasons, for 2017 DCUK will be offering an Open Class and Junior Class (A Class may be available following the British Championships Prelims - for those Corps who did not make any Open Class cut off after Prelims - details to be announced once levels of membership for 2017 known). The Junior Class is open to Cadet/Feeder Corps of existing Open Class Corps or, subject to approval, new and emerging Corps (contact us for details).

NEW FOR 2017
In addition to Open Class and Junior Class there will also be opportunities to compete in DrumLine Battles and SoundSport events and so please indicate below any interest in either of these two activities.  You do not need to partake in the main DCUK contests to take part in DrumLine Battle or SoundSport - these events are open to all.

Costs and Payments
Please click here to download a PDF which advises all costs and how/when  payments can be made.  Please note there are no changes to the costs from the 2016 season.

Order of Performance
The order of performance at 2017 contests will be determined by the order in which registrations are received and then by the scores obtained during the season.
For example:
- At the first contest :- the last Corps to perform in each Class will be the first Corps to register whilst the first Corps to perform will be the Corps that registered last.
- At the 2nd and subsequent contests inc Open Class Championships Prelims and Junior Class Championships Finals :- Corps which have already competed at a previous contest will perform last in the order of their previous highest score with the final Corps to perform being the Corps with the highest score from all previous contests. Prior to this the remaining Corps will perform in the order in which they registered.

Withdrawal from Contests.
Corps have until the 30th April 2017 to advise which DCUK Contests they wish to attend. Prior to this date Corps can withdraw from competing at a particular contest with no penalty.

From 1st May 2017 the penalty for withdrawing from a DCUK Contest will be a “fine” of double the entry charge for that contest and must be paid before the Corps can compete again in 2017. 50% of this fine will be held by DCUK and 50% will transferred to the Contest Organiser.

Click here  for a copy of the DCUK 2017 Rules & Regulations 

Any registrations after this date will be placed on a waiting list in case of other Corps withdrawing.  Registrations welcome for season shows, excluding Championships, at any time and every attempt will be made to fit Corps in.

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DrumLine Battle

Details of SoundSport/DrumLine Battle events will be advised in due course


Contests considering entering # (click in box to tick)   Show 1 - Sun 18th June (Barnsley)

Show 2 - Sun 2nd July (Woking*)

Show 3 - Sun 16th July (Leicester)

Show 4 - Sun 10th Sept (Hednesford)

British Championships - Sat 23rd Sept (Widnes)



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By clicking on "Send to DCUK" you are confirming you have read and understood all information supplied (inc the Costs & Payments PDF file)


DCUK reserve the right to withdraw any contest if entries are deemed too low to make a contest viable.  


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