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Cadence 2016 Present “ARCANA”


Press Release by Cadence

The future is shrouded in uncertainty but the universe speaks directly to us through many forms. Through Tarot everyone can hear its song. Each Tarot card holds its own unique meaning and can be used to gain insight, clarity and to achieve greater control in all of our endeavours.

In 2016 Cadence invite you to discover your own path!

Five movements. Five cards. A hint of what your future may hold?

Musical selections from:
Philip Glass, Igor Stravinsky, Nirvana, Camille Saint-Saens and Ludwig van Beethoven.

2016 marks the 25th Anniversary of the Corps’ formation, during this time the Cadence organisation has experienced many highs and lows but we are proud to have reached this milestone.

The 2016 Summer Programme has been designed to give the current membership a completely new challenge whilst giving a gentle nod to the history and tradition of those who have come before us.

We will be participating in the 2016 European Music Games as part of the DCUK Contest Circuit which will include our home show at Woking FC and will also be embarking on a five day trip to the Netherlands for the Drum Corps Europe Championships in September.

2016 Staff and Design Team:
Corps Director – Paul Newman 
Corps Manager – Paul Riddell
Brass Arrangers – Joe Rodwell & Richard Coulter 
Frontline Arranger – Joe Rodwell 
Battery Percussion Arranger – Vicky Batley-Spalding

Guard & Auxiliary Design – Kayleigh Bicknell & Roxanne Bicknell 
Visual Design – Roxanne Bicknell, Kayleigh Bicknell & John Barclay

Programme Consultant – Richard Coulter

Show Coordinator – Amanda Newman 
Music Coordinator – Bobbie Clifford 
Ensemble Music Coordinator – Dave Stones

Visual Caption Head – Steve Wood Visual Staff – Steve Blakeley, Fraser Lyall, Angela Kavanagh
Guard Caption Heads – Amanda Newman, Bobbie Clifford 
Guard Staff – Ian Bunce, Lorraine Sherwood, Amanda Tucker

Percussion Caption Head – Tracey Benn 
Percussion Staff - Euan Braidwood, Vicky Spalding
Brass Caption Head – Emma Batley-Spalding Brass Staff – Paul Riddell

Frontline Caption Head – Tammy Osborne 
Frontline Staff – Dave Stones


25th January 2016



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