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Registration Form - DCUK 2021 

If you wish to register for DCUK 2021 please use the Contact Form at the bottom of this page. This is the only method of registration!

Please read all the information on this page PRIOR to registering to ensure you are aware of all procedures and payment requirements. By clicking on the "Send to DCUK" button you are confirming you have read and understood all information supplied 

Confirmation of Registration
Once you have registered you will receive confirmation, normally within 24/72 hours, together with details of payment dates and how payments can be made.

Class Structure
For 2021 DCUK, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we will be accepting Corps into general membership and not offering type of class structure

SoundSport/DrumLine Battle
If we are able to run events in 2021 it is our plan there will be opportunities to compete in DrumLine Battles and SoundSport events and so please indicate below any interest in either of these two activities.  You do not need to partake in any main DCUK contests to take part in DrumLine Battle or SoundSport - these events are open to all.

Costs and Payments
There is NO cost to register for DCUK membership for 2021 however there is the MPAUK Membership Fee of 50.00 if not already paid as part of any Winter Guard United Kingdom membership.  If we are able to hold events then details of any charges will be made relevant to those events.

For information only click here  for a copy of the DCUK 2020 Rules & Regulations.  For 2021 we will issue separately any local rules for any events we hold.



DCUK reserve the right to withdraw any contest if entries are deemed too low to make a contest viable.  


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