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Withholding of Registration
(previously called Movement of Members)

The Withholding of Registration [WOR] is to safeguard Drum Corps from the members that leave a trail of debt and/or unreturned equipment behind them. It is also to protect all parties when a situation of a very severe nature develops between an individual and a DCUK member corps.

Whilst DCUK does not issue formal Passes for Corps members - if monies or equipment are outstanding (and no agreement can be reached between the parties for repayment or collection) then a DCUK registered organisation can request that a DCUK show day “pass/wristband” be withheld from a member of another unit until such time as the matter is settled.

For a pass/wristband to be considered to be withheld then proof of the debt or outstanding equipment must be provided to DCUK together with details of what action has already been taken to recover the monies/items. 

Please be aware that it is unlikely that a Pass will be withheld if the person has been allowed to complete the season (i.e. perform at the British Championships event) and the outstanding monies (and possibly equipment if these have been outstanding for a period of time) relate to amounts owed during the season rather than just at the very end.

The WOR is not designed to be a debt collection service and should only be used as a last resort if an agreeable settlement can not be reached.

If there is a situation of a very serious nature then it is expected that the DCUK board will be informed at the earliest opportunity and presented with the whole true picture. From this a prompt decision will be desired for the best of all parties.

If a Corps has a particular issue then they should contact DCUK for advice.



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