Contest Schedule


Corps in Competition:

Mayflower B
The Cavaliers
The Pacemakers
Dagenham Crusaders
Purple Phantoms
The Trojans
Crawley Vanguard
The Troopers
North West Kent
Silver Shadows
2nd Brighton Scouts
The Show Stars
The Anchormen
Basildon Blue Eagles
Mayflower A
Green Lancers
Brighouse RBL
The Beechmen
Chelmsford Challengers


1981 Show Dates & Venues:

3rd May - Bristol
10th May - Maidstone Football Club
16th May - West Ham United Football Club
20th June - Alexander Stadium, Perry Barr
29th August - Elland, Yorkshire
30th August - Warrington, Cheshire
13th September - Chelmsford Football Club
26th September - Finals - Alexander Stadium, Perry Barr

Finals Details:

Saturday, 26th September
Alexander Stadium, Perry Barr
Prelims - 12noon
Finals - 7.00pm
Retreat - 9.00pm

Finals Results:

The Show Stars Gravesham Corps Anchormen Mayflower A Basildon Blue Eagles Green Lancers Dagenham Crusaders 2nd Brighton Scouts
31.25 67.80 66.75 67.65 69.85 73.30 79.75 76.90



Execution Judge #1 - Celia Acock
Execution Judge #2 - Stephen Hicky
Visual Analysis - Paul Litteau

Execution Judge #1 - Rob Ramselaar
Execution Judge # 2 -
Percussion Analysis - Jay Kennedy

Execution - Field - Eddie Hendle
Execution - Ensemble - Gary Jensen
Musical Analysis - Lee Packham

General Effect:
Marching & Maneuvering - Judy Tomko
Percussion - John Broom
Brass - John Phillips


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