Contest Schedule
Corps in Membership

Anchormen, Halifax, Yorkshire
Avant Garde, London
Beechmen, West Bromwich
Blue Barons, Glasgow
Blue Eagles, Basildon, Essex
Brighouse RBL, Brighouse, Yorkshire
2nd Brighton Scouts, Brighton, Sussex
Cavaliers, Pheasey, Walsall
Challengers, Chelmsford, Essex
City of Nottingham, Nottingham
Couriers, Crawley, Sussex
Crusaders, Dagenham, Essex
Dream Machine, Glasgow
3rd Glasgow Boys Brigade
Gravesham Corps
Gravesham Girls
Green Lancers, Birchwood, Cheshire
Havering Corps, Hornchurch, Essex
Mayflower Corps, Billericay, Essex
Northern Skyriders, Brighouse, Yorkshire
North Stars, Nottingham (associate members)
North West Ken Corps, Gravesham, Kent
Pacemakers, Bromley, Kent
Pioneer Scouts, Birmingham (associate)
Purple Phantoms, Warrington, Cheshire
Red Invaders, Warrington, Cheshire
Showstars, Eastbourne, Sussex
Silver Shadows, Bearsden, Glasgow
Springburn Corps, Glasgow
Trojans, Lowton, Cheshire
Troopers, Bristol, Avon
Vanguard, Crawley, Sussex
Vulcan Corps, Sheffield, Yorkshire

Show Dates and Venues:

25th April - Dagenham (non-competitive concert)
2nd May - Bristol
9th May - Maidstone
22nd May - Gravesend
29th May - Glasgow
30th May - Glasgow
5th June - Queens Park Rangers Football Ground
6th June - Crystal Palace Football Ground
4th July - Birmingham
11th July - Brighton (click for results)
29th August - Northwich, Cheshire
19th September - Chelmsford
25th September - Finals - West Bromwich Albion Football Club

Finals Details:

Saturday, 25th September
West Bromwich Albion Football Club
Prelims 11.15am
Finals 6.45pm

Main Block - All day - 3.50
Evening only - 2.50
Corner Stands - All Day 2.50
Evening only - 2.00

Click here for "Some Tips When Watching a Show"
This link takes you to advice on how to watch a show which was included in quite a few programmes in the early '80s.

Results - Brighton Contest 11th July:
Mayflower Showstars Gravesham Dagenham Crusaders Chelmsford Challengers Basildon Blue Eagles Crawley Vanguard The Beechmen
48.50 48.80 50.85 67.55 47.90 46.95 43.50 49.10


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