Contest Schedule
City of Nottingham
Blue Stars
Northern Skyriders
3rd Glasgow Boys Brigade
Legion Corps, Brighouse
Thurrock Marching Brass
West Coast Cadets
Blue Barons
Dagenham Crusaders
Silver Shadows
Basildon Blue Eagles
Imperial Knights
Green Lancers
The Guardsmen
Crawley Courers
Ace of Herts
Caversham Ambassadors
Pioneer Soucs
Dako Red Devils
Blue Avengers
Somerford Sound

Show Dates and Venues
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5th May - Bristol
11th May - London
19th May - Crystal Palace F.C
25th May - Scotland
26th May - Scotland
1st June - Brighton
8th June - Leicester
9th June - Nottingham
16th June - Billericay
22nd June - Huddersfield
23rd June - Blackpool
29th June - West Midlands
24th August - Scotland
25th August - Scotland
1st September - Southend F.C
8th September - Chesterfield/Sheffield
21st September - Warrington
22nd September - Gravesend
28th September - Finals

Finals Details
Sheffield United Football Club
28th September '85


Press Release:
On Saturday, 28th September 1985 over 2000 young people will meet at Sheffield United Football Club, Bramall Lane, Sheffield for the annual British Drum Corps Championships. The climax of this summer's drum corps season will see 25 units from many parts of England and Scotland compete for the British Championship. A large crowd will experience a feast of sound and colour with the big band sound of the brass and percussion being complemented by the flags of the colour guard and complicated marching routines tot give a total audio visual effect. An all day preliminary knockout contest will end with a floodlight evening finals commencing at 7.15pm. The end of a day which presents everything of value in today's yound people.

Finals Judges:Brass: Lee Packham, Chris Bowen, Mike Walshaw
Percussion: Ruth Greenaway, Mervyn Murrey, Andy Bradbury, John Boyington
Visual: Russell Malley, Karen Racey, Ivan Balchin, Brian Thomas, Les Racey
T&P: Richard smith


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