2004 Corps Season Show Information

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Poynton Commodores   This year our show is centered around a spotlight. As staff and supporters we feel each member is in the spotlight as everyone of them are stars and truly committed to the Corps. Our show is entitled 'In The Spotlight' - Music - Shaft, I will Talk and Hollywood Will Listen, Moondance, Whiter Shade of Pale.
Cadence   'Remembrances'
Conflict - In the spring at the time when Kings go off to War by David Holsinger
Remembrance - Nimrod by Elga
Glory - 1812 Overture by Tchaikovsky
37th Kingswood   Rythms of the World
Show Music - Estancia, Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence, Rhythm of the World, Russian Sailors Dance.
The show features 4 contintents of the world and the flavours that are woven into the music of the people of those continents. This will be a feast of flavours.
Kidsgrove Scouts   'Pirates of the Caribbean - The Curse of the Black Pearl'
The Scene: Caribbean sea in the 17th century. Captain Jack Sparrow, a gentleman rogue of a pirate, embarks on a journey of revenge, trying to stop the plan of an evil band of pirtates and lift the curse of the black pearl.
Northern Star   'Unity'
Heat of the Day - Pat Metheny
Candle in The Window - Linda Eder
First Circle - Pat Metheny
Black Knights    
Senators   The 2004 show is entitled "R+(Mv)-S2k4" (Rhythm plus Movement equals Senators 2004). It is an exploration of rhythmic and musical movement and their creative use. Music of Philip Glass, Frank Tichelli, Elton John, Full Circle and John Williams. From the first basic beat to the most complex of music, rhythm and movement are everywhere - in nature, in music, in dance. That elusive, exlcusive pulse that guides our movements and our thoughts. We hope you enjoy our 2004 production.
A Class
East Coast Elite   East Coast Elite's new generation of members play extracts from the motion picture 'Pirates of the Caribbean - The Curse of the Black Pearl'. This year's show is entitled "The Onward Voyage".
Cheshire Cadets   Fire and The Flame
Fourscore and Seven
Got to Get You Into My Life
Beach Frolic
Southern Aurora   'Four Movements'
Stafford Lancers   'Images of Russia' - The 2004 production features arrangements of the following pieces: Spirit; Meadowlands; Troika; Russian Easter Overture (featuring Great Gates of Kiev). The pieces used are all by Russian composers expressing their feelings about their country in different periods of its turbulent history - Stafford Lancers are excisted about the prospects of the 2004 season and a journey into Russia.
Concord   Twenty - A Celebration. 2004 sees the 20th anniversary of Concord and our programme for this year is a celebrationthe best of the last 20 years with the return of some old favourites and new arrangements of others - First Circle; Harlem Nocturne; Star Wars: the Phantom Menace and I Have Dreamed. We would like to thank all those who have been and gone over the last 20 years - particularly Jonathan 'Jonno' Smith, Michael Brisset and Reg Crisp.
Phoenix Coventry    
Junior Class
Pegasus   Extracts from Disney - Wish a Little Wish; Add Some Magic and Watch the Dreams Come True
Senators   'The Senators....by Request' - the junior corps is playing a selection of music by composer John Williams, including Hook, Cadillac of the Skies, Swing Swing Swing and Far & Away.
Cadet Class
Guildford Phoenix   Music from 'Oliver' - Food Glorious Food; Who Will Buy and Finale
Commodore Cadets   Jungle Sketches based on the Walt Disney Class 'The Jungle Book'. Music includes: Colonel Hathi's March; The Bare Necessities; I Will Fetch The Water; I Wanna Be Like You.
Black Knights Cadets    
Phoenix Cadets    
37th Kingswood Cadets   'Rocky' - Main theme from Rocky and Eye of the Tiger.
Just like Rockey being a member of any cadet corps leads to sweat, tears, upset. You need to show dedication; to stay focussed and determined; take the knocks and get back up pushing harder; you have your team and your final goal and at the end you make it to the final round - where you come you have proved a champion.


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