Concords Flying "Red Nose" Fanfares

Concord will be making their contribution to Red Nose day fundraising this year by providing a "FLYING FANFARE" service. For a minimum donation of 20 we will bring a team of trumpeters to your location anywhere in the city of Sheffield to play for your individual needs.

It may be :
as you open your own Red Nose Day event 
as you announce visitors to your business premises, restaurant, club or bar 
as you welcome customers to your shop 
as you arrive at your local pub, club, restaurant 
for the presentation of any prizes or "comedy" awards 
for the opening of any sports event 
simply to surprise your friends.

Fanfares will need to be booked in advance and times may need to be negotiated.

We are hoping that, in addition to raising funds for this worthy cause, the day may bring some welcome publicity and exposure to our activity.



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