Perfect Day update

Following the Olympic Retreat at Western Beat at Cheltenham on Sunday 10th June the combined brass lines of Concord, Kidsgrove Scouts and The Senators remained on the contest field for an open rehearsal of Perfect Day, the Lou Reed classic that has been chosen as the "anthem" for DCUK 2007.

For approximately hour over 50 players were taken through the music and individual sections were given instruction culminating in a full ensemble performance in front of an appreciative audience who stayed behind to watch the piece come together.

Eoin O'Keeffe who produced the arrangement and ran the rehearsal remarked afterwards "It was great to see the brass players from the Corps integrate so well and after such a short amount of time produce a minute and a half of music".

A further rehearsal will take place at the next DCUK Contest on Saturday 7th July in Chelmsford and the numbers taking part look like doubling as they prepare to showcase the piece at the British Drum Corps Championships in September.

Mass Brass Section at DCUK Cheltenham
Massed Brass Section at Cheltenham



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