Southern Aurora & Legion Star Continue Partnership 

Southern Aurora and Legion Star are pleased to be able to confirm that the partnership agreed in 2007 will continue throughout 2008. Having come through the teething problems of a mid season union and the organisational time issues this has created, it is felt that another year is required to allow the project to reach its full potential and to explore new ideas.

Both corps will keep their own identity throughout the winter, with Southern Aurora and Legion Star fielding independent winter drumlines, show details for both to follow shortly. Together the corps will be implementing a new winter brass ensemble, and the guard will continue their partnership with the Guardsman.

2008 will see a change in direction show wise and bring a whole new dimension to Drum Corps both in the UK and Europe. To accommodate our winter activities the corps will be rehearsing at monthly camps during the winter, which will create valuable time for the members of both corps to get back together not only to rehearse but to spend leisure time. The camps will take place at different venues within Sussex and Kent, giving the opportunity for a fresh environment and additional inspiration.

The 2008-show announcement will be made on Sunday 9th September, followed by the official launch on 27th October, at which the schedule for the season will be released this will include all rehearsal and tour dates. The first rehearsal camp will take place on 24th November.

Recruitment for what will be the most amazing season has already begun, if you are interested in marching or teaching with Southern Aurora and Legion Star 2008, you should contact Darren on 07888898287 or David on 07737400481 or alternatively e-mail: or

Donít hesitate its going to be a ride to good to miss!



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