Irish guest performance at DCE Championships

At this year's DCE Championships an Irish corps will also be taking part. Inbhear Mor Marchers from Arklow will perform an exhibition show in Rotterdam after the Percussion Class Finals.

Drum Corps Europe is delighted with the guest performance by the Inbhear Mor Marchers. "We first had contact with the Irish Marching Band Association at the beginning of this year, during the judges' training in Bristol", says Marcel Matthijsse, DCE Chairman. "One of the committee members told us his corps was interested in taking part in the DCE Championships but as an exhibition show in order to gain experience. Naturally, we are delighted to offer this opportunity."

The guest performance will take place before the Olympic Retreat of the Percussion Class and Cadet Class and gives the contest director and tabulators the opportunity to work out the judges' results. Though the performance replaces a scheduled interval, the DCE management considers it a welcome bonus for the audience.

"This year will be the first, but hopefully not the last, time that an Irish corps will also be participating", says Matthijsse. "Not only is this great for the corps but also for the audience who is presented with an even greater variety from Europe."

The addition of the Irish Inbhear Mor Marchers means that seven countries will be represented at the DCE Championships. The other corps come from the Netherlands, the UK, Germany, Belgium, Sweden and Italy. Tickets for the DCE Championships can be at



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