Street Noize in Sheffield

You are invited to become a part of an exciting, revolutionary new activity in percussion and movement. STREET NOIZE will present public performances which are designed to entertain and excite our audiences through driving, rhythmic percussion beats combined with contemporary visual movements and some humour a winning combination.

STREET NOIZE will take its unique form of performance out into the public arena with shows in street areas, shopping centres, theatres, clubs, foyers, dinners, presentations, sports events anywhere that will accept us and where we can take the opportunity to present our own amazing art form to the general public.

We are planning initially to use snare, bass and tenor drums plus cymbals (and who knows what at a later stage - we have a STOMP clinic arranged in the New Year !)

STREET NOIZE is looking for potential members with an interest in percussion, a passion for performing at the highest levels and a strong sense of fun ! There are no auditions based on standards we are looking mainly for enthusiasm and a desire to entertain. Those with previous drum corps or marching band experience would be especially welcome - age is not a consideration !

Rehearsals - which begin Thursday 18th October - will be held in an easily-accessible Sheffield city centre venue and all instruments and equipment will be provided.

For further information about this unique and challenging opportunity, please call 0114 249 1460 or email :




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