Changes at Black Knights

New Director for BK
After three years of running without a corps director Black Knights are pleased to announce that the Directorship of the corps was offered to, and accepted by, Ken Mansfield. Ken has been part of the marching band and drum corps scene since he joined Thurrock Drum and Trumpet Corps in October 1973. Ken, well known for his role within the Academy colourguard, has been registered with a marching organisation every year since that first one in ‘73. Ken’s years of experience in marching, teaching, judging and running drum corps and colourguards will stand him in good stead for the task ahead. Ken’s role will be one that will see him take control of all elements of the Black Knights organisation. The Black Knight organisation is excited at this appointment and is looking forward to the future with anticipation.

Black Knights are pleased to inform everyone that the Senior Corps coordinator, Emma Weir and the Cadet Corps coordinator, Gary Wooldridge will be remaining in their current positions within the Black Knight organisation.

Musical Director
Black Knights are pleased to announce that Simon Hastings has moved into the newly created role of ‘Musical Director’. Simon will be arranging and overseeing the musical production for the senior corps.

Staff news, new website and 2008 Senior and Cadets show announcements soon to be released.




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