Black Knights Announce Plans For 2008

Open age policy.
Whilst Black Knights would not have refused an over age member in 2007 the corps was not actively seeking overage members, however at a recent staff meeting the Black Knights Drum and Bugle Corps decided to embrace the trend in Drum Corps by moving overage for the foreseeable future. With a number of great old Drum Corps being based in the immediate
surrounding area to the location of the Corps this decision enables those who have previously been a part of a Drum Corps to rekindle their love for the activity. Anyone who has that last drum corps show in their bellies or indeed think they can offer help should contact Ken Mansfield on

Black Knights Cadets show announcements for 2008
After an amazing year in 2007, where they took the DCUK crown and were runners-up to the BYBA crown, Black Knights Cadets are proud to announce their show for 2008. Entitled 'Knights in Space'.   Full details to follow.

Black Knights Senior Corps show announcement for 2008
'Young Musicians Guide to Rock' is the name of the 2008 production that BK's senior corps is proud to announce. A show that will be 'in ya face' from the very start incorporating some of the very best rock music there is. The show will be another original exciting BK production.   Further details to follow.




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