News from MPA:UK AGM - DCUK Board Elected

On Saturday 10th November the Marching & Performing Arts UK Annual General Meeting took place in Walsall and this was followed by an open meeting for Drum Corps which included elections to the DCUK Board for 2008.

Representatives from ten Corps were in attendance, as well as judging personnel, and discussions took place regarding the past season and also ideas and suggestions for the coming 12 months.

The newly elected management team consists of Rob Swindells, Jason Oates, Chris Jones and Joe Fitzpatrick and the team will be managed by Alan Thompson, the MPA:UK Chairman.

In 2007 DCUK made the decision to transfer to use the Drum Corps Europe Judging Manual and to continue with this commitment a new position of Judges Liaison was approved. Douglas Caldwell has agreed to take on this new role and will work with Judges across the whole activity with the main objective of ensuring all DCUK shows are judged by DCE accredited judges.

Talks with DCUK's partner associations are taking place regarding dates for the 2008 calendar however it is proposed that the 2008 British Drum Corps Championships will take place on Saturday 20th September at Burton Albion Football Ground and a commitment to look into adding an extra contest in September prior to the Championships was also made.

Further details will be released as soon as possible including information regarding the 2008 Directors College in January next year

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