Black Knights Cadets - Show 2008

Black Knights Cadets Presents "Knights in Space" 

One Thursday afternoon Gordon was walking home from school when he felt the atmosphere go cold and he could feel something wasn’t right. He ran home as quick as he could to call the Major and asked him to get the rest of the Knights ready to meet him on Planet Krypton. He didn’t know what was wrong, but he wasn’t going to wait to find out! 

Gordon went to his rocket and zoooomed up …into space. Space is a very big place, at first there was nothing. Gordon was confused, was he lost in space? Then Gordon saw the other Knights fly by and followed them to Planet Krypton, where Kristy and a strangely familiar face were there to help. 

Gordon asked green man what was wrong, “On this planet, a strange force there is, but fear not” he said, “There are more Knights coming from the Black Hole”. Suddenly something appeared. It was Robofud and his army! All the Knights had arrived and were ready to fight. Kristy defended the ships using the laser cannons while the others charged towards the enemy.

BANG! CRASH! CLANK! The battle was a difficult one and the Knights fought harder than ever. All of a sudden the rockets stopped and Kristy had disappeared, with Robofud nowhere to be seen. Gordon searched the whole of Planet Krypton with the others. They had just about given up, when finally, they found Robofud taking Kristy to his ship. The Knights launched one last attack and with this, Robofud was finally defeated. 

The Knights had won. “WE DID IT!” they shouted. It was time to go back to the ships, the Knights said their goodbyes and prepared for their next adventure. Now off to the Moon! 

Written by Alex Taylor and Megan Locker.



© Drum Corps United Kingdom 2004