Black Knights Launch Video Podcast on iTunes

The Black Knights Drum & Bugle Corps from Gravesend in Kent have become the first European Drum Corps to produce their own Video Podcast.

The video podcast, the first instalment of which is available for download now via iTunes, will be regularly updated throughout 2008 to keep people up to date with the corps progress.

Rus Rogers from the Black Knights Development Team commented:

“Our goal is to use the video podcast to help educate more people about Black Knights and the world of Drum Corps and hopefully help them understand why we and all the other Drum Corps out there are so passionate about what we do.

We strongly believe that the activity of Drum Corps is as relevant if not more relevant for young people today than it has ever been. With all the negative influences out there we feel that Drum Corps is a great way to provide positive influences and experiences to young people.

Anyone that has grown up through Drum Corps will attest to the life skills that it helps you develop as well as the life long friendships that the activity encourages.

Our goal is to get that message out to as many young people as possible and we believe that the podcast is a huge step towards achieving that.”

In addition to launching the Podcast, Black Knights have launched their own YouTube channel, which will feature regularly updated footage from past and present.

For information on how to view the Black Knights Video Podcast visit and click on the podcast tab.



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