Raw Rhythm Stage Triumph

Press Release from Federation of British Youth Marching Band Organisations

Transferring what we do on the competitive arena onto a stage is challenging enough, but then taking the show on tour borders on the crazy! But that’s what a team from the Senators did November thru’ February.

As the programme notes recorded, inspiration came from seeing Star of Indiana’s ‘Blast!’; from the Corps first attempt at staging ‘Raw Rhythm’ in 2000; and from a conviction that for the activity to prosper, it must search for new performance opportunities and new audiences.

Taking ten months to plan, ‘Team Senator’ was supplemented by cast from other corps, with the show opening in Eastleigh on November 24th, just a few weeks after the close of the summer season and the Senators’ triumph at DCE. It was a typical preview show, and in the best of theatrical traditions, the second show in Milton Keynes was more polished. With considerable support from the local media, Dame Cleo Lane and Sir John Dankworth’s world class ‘Stables’ was an ideal venue to welcome a big audience, most of who were local families. The Towngate in Basildon attracted a mainly ex and current activity following, with many ‘old faces’ recognised in the large audience.

The show itself brought together some Drum Corps classics with a successful variety of sets aimed at pleasing a diverse audience. The pace changed throughout, dominated by strong brass scores combined with contemporary percussion and humorous audience participation.

Because of its innovative nature, and the staged workshops, the show was organisationally supported by The Federation with funding from the Corps home town Eastleigh Youth Trust.

Different theatres, with different acoustics, different technical specifications and different audience profiles was a monumental challenge. All who took part are to be congratulated on proving how talented and versatile our activity can be. How many other amateur arts groups can perform on parades, in arenas, on stage and on tour?



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