Relaunch of Phoenix in Ireland

The Phoenix has risen from the ashes once more for the new beginning of the Phoenix Rising Marching Showband. Established in 1992, Phoenix has been one of the leading Showbands in Ireland and has gained an impressive reputation internationally in that time.

2008 is set to be the most progressive season yet for the organisation seeing many changes and improvements that will reflect the evolution of the group. Director Mark Govern said “We have decided to rebrand Phoenix to give us a modern fresh feel and to move away from the youth band label. Phoenix Rising better reflects the type of organisation we have become over the past few years.” Another significant change for the group that will coincide with the relaunch will be the unveiling of the band’s new field show uniforms. At considerable expense this is a major part of the group’s new image. They were delighted to pass on their old uniforms to the Beeches Cadets in Birmingham, England.

2008 will also see the pit line greatly expanded which will add immensely to the musical performance of their shows. They are also pleased to report that for the first time they were able to purchase their very own equipment truck. The truck will be an integral part of the day to day activity of the band and will be responsible for moving larger items to and from the rehearsal field. Their new truck will also undergo the Phoenix Rising makeover.

Summer ’08 will see Phoenix perform their production of “The Children of Lir” in Europe and England as well as at home in Ireland. The month of July is billed to be a busy and exciting month with the group performing in The WAMSB European Championships in Milan, Italy. BYBA’s Academy Brass contest in Barnsley, England and in the DCUK/DCE contest in Warrington. An excited Mark said “we look forward to presenting our field show and we are all really looking forward to travelling so extensively in July. We hope our “Children of Lir” show is well received everywhere.” 

“The Children of Lir”

An eternal tale of evil and salvation, a story as old as Ireland itself. 
Based on The Children of Lir, it portrays the journey of four children who are doomed to spend nine hundred years in the guise of swans, but are allowed to keep their beautiful singing voices. 
This will be a glorious visual, musical and magical performance

Phoenix would like to express their thanks and good wishes to everyone who has helped contribute to their 2008 season so far but especially to BYBA, WAMSB, DCUK, DCE and the IMBA. They also wish to publicly acknowledge the support of Bank of Scotland Ireland, whom without, they could not operate so extensively.

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