DCUK, DCN and DCE introduce a new advice system

Drum Corps Europe (DCE) will introduce a new advice system that allows corps to make suggestions for changes in the DCE Competition Manual. Following the pilot that took place at beginning of 2008, DCE have now held a meeting with their Certified Partners (Drum Corps Netherlands [DCN] & Drum Corps United Kingdom [DCUK]) to decide how best to deal with any future changes and enhancements to their Rules & Regulations and procedures.

In the pilot earlier this year, only one third of the corps responded direct to DCE and so it was felt that perhaps this was not the most effective way of gaining responses. It was agreed that any formal changes will be discussed between DCE and the Certified Partners (currently DCN & DCUK), and as of now the three organisations will make joint statements regarding any formal changes in the Rules & Regulations and other competition related issues.

The organisations however want to encourage new ideas and proposals and will introduce a new procedure. Whilst ideas and proposal would be welcomed at any time it was felt that there should be some dates put in place, especially for more specific rule changes, to ensure that corps could be given enough advance notice to allow them to prepare for any revisions.

Therefore, all proposals and ideas for any new or amended rules must be received by the middle of June. DCE and the Certified Partners will then discuss these, with an announcement of their decisions being made during the first week of July each year and that any accepted changes, unless otherwise agreed, will not take effect until the following season.

Once again, this new procedure does not stop any proposals being put forward at any time and DCUK, DCN and DCE will consider these on their merits when received but any significant changes will be subject to the mid June deadline.

DCE Chairman, Marcel Matthijsse, commented "I'm very pleased that we took this next step in working together. Together with our Certified Partners we will be able to discuss competition related ideas and suggestions from different angles. This also gives corps the possibility to bring in new ideas which they believe are good for the drum corps activity."

Alan Thompson, on behalf of DCUK, added "I see this as very positive move forward in our partnership and gives Corps a voice enabling them to put forward enhancements and allow them as much time as possible to prepare for any major changes"

DCN Chairman, Kees Bourquin, said "This underlines the need and the effectiveness of the partnerships between the organisations, and gives a good perspective for both Corps and these organisations". 



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