Staffordshire Knights update.....

The Staffordshire Knights were pleased to unveil, at the recent DCUK Leicester show, a number of exciting changes to the corps for the 2008 season.

The most obvious and striking difference is a change of uniform. The corps has moved to a custom design by Michael J. Cesario, supplied by Fred J. Miller Inc. As the corps continues to mature and develop, it was felt important to reflect this in a new uniform style, but Michael has acknowledged SK's history by incorporating some symbols from the past into the design. Corps Director Jason Wilkinson adds: "The Staffordshire Knights are very pleased and proud to be one of the few Corps outside of the US to wear a Cesario-styled uniform. Over the past few years, whilst keeping a strong proportion of the original member base that won the DCUK Junior Class in 2005, the Knights have grown from strength to strength, and we felt that this was the ideal time to change the outside perception of the corps"

To complement the move back to the corps' classical roots, the guard has also had a new uniform.

SK is also pleased to become the latest official endorser of Sabian products, and has just taken delivery of a complete set of cymbals and gongs as used by the pit section this weekend. This agreement complements the existing endorsement deal with the ProMark Corporation. Again, the move to classical music has been reflected in the instruments chosen primarily from Sabian's HH and HHX range.

Bruce Parry, Sabian's European Band & Orchestral Specialist, said: "Sabian is pleased to welcome the Staffordshire Knights to the Sabian family, and looks forward to a fruitful relationship in the 2008 season and beyond."

Other significant new arrivals for the percussion section are a complete set of Yamaha field percussion, Randall May carriers and stands, and a Vibraphone and Orchestral Concert Bass from the Adams range. This marks the start of a move towards re-equipping the pit section with Adams instruments.

Behind the scenes, the brass staff have been looking to replace the existing Kanstul G bugles (used for the last decade or so) we with more modern Bb/F instrumentation. After careful consideration, it was decided that one of the names synonymous with quality brass instrumentation was King. SK has therefore started to equip the horn line with the King Ultimate Brass range, and recently took delivery of a suite of Bb Trumpets. Throughout the season, we hope to source further funding to completely equip the rest of the line.

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