Concord's New Direction

Throughout its 25-year history, CONCORD has built a reputation for excellence and for pioneering innovative ideas in the marching band activity. They have faced and overcome many difficulties and always offered their members the very best of opportunities to excel and experience a variety of musical experiences.

As they approach the celebrations of this milestone in our history, Concord is about to embark on two exciting new projects that will take their members into a whole new aspect of musical performance. 

THE CONCORD EXPERIENCE is a performance ensemble that incorporates the excellence and skills of drum corps with a large element of entertainment designed for wider audiences in an indoor environment. Comprising brass and marching percussion with accompanying rhythm and keyboard sections, the show will include dancers and some electronic instrumentation.

STREET NOIZE is a development of a group that has already taken new ideas on percussion into the wider community. Using both traditional and world instrumentation, the ensemble aims to explore many styles and aspects of percussion and to perform in a range of venues to many different audiences.

Both these ensembles are open to all from the age of 12 there are no upper age limits and no requirements for prior experience there will be no auditions all interested applicants will be given the opportunity to perform. Rehearsals for both ensembles will be based in central Sheffield.  They will seek to appear over as wide an area as possible including mainland Europe.

Alongside these new ventures, the Concord organisation will continue to run and develop CONCORD ALLSTARS our junior marching band for 8 to 12 year-olds. The CEREMONIAL FANFARE TEAM already has a very full diary for the next few months and they will continue to represent Concord at a variety of civic and public events. Their CONCERT ENSEMBLE will also continue to perform for specific occasions such as the very popular Christmas carols concerts.

As a result of these changes Concord will not be participating in the 2009 competitive seasons of DCUK, BYBA or DCE.

CONCORD has been one of the strongest and most consistent supporters of DCUK over the years and they wish to continue their close relationship wherever possible and DCUK wishes them every success in their projects.

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