Concord seeking additional staff

We need to add some extra, enthusiastic staff to our current team who will help us develop our two new performance ensembles. *The Concord Experience* will present a choreographed indoor show including brass, percussion and electronic rhythm instrumentation with a team of featured dancers. *Street Noize* is a percussion-based performance using both accepted marching percussion, frontline instruments and world percussion to present a show which includes movement, passion and humour.

Our immediate need is for extra percussion staff who are versatile, flexible and ambitious - possibly drum corps experienced but unrestricted by any limitations and willing to take on some bold and unorthodox initiatives in developing this exciting new project.

The posts would suit those who have recently retired from the marching scene and who would like to gain some instructional experience. We would, of course, also welcome those with experience in any forms of percussion performance.

The majority of our performance "season" will be in the winter months so those with involvement in summer-based activities could participate without compromising any existing commitments or loyalties. Our rehearsals are of sensible length and frequency.

We also have vacancies for performers in all areas and for additional instructional staff in brass and dance. Concord's new direction offers you the opportunity to extend your drum corps or marching band skills into a whole new area of performance and entertainment.

Dare *YOU* try something different ?



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