The Concord Experience to debut at Halifax WGUK

Concord now has four programmes up-and-running. The Concord AllStars provides basic music and marching instruction for younger members aged 8 to 12 years and is going very well indeed. The Ceremonial Fanfare Team continues to provide fanfares and flourishes for many local and national civic and public events. Percussion ensemble “Street Noize” has already made a couple of high profile appearances and took top honours at the British Youth Band Association Individuals and Ensembles competition.

The fourth project “The Concord Experience” will make their public debut at the “Flags Along the Pennines” winterguard show in Halifax on Sunday 1st February (by invitation of the Anchormen). T.C.E. presents a unique show involving music and movement from brass and percussion players with a rhythm section and electronic effects and enhanced by a team of dancers.

Concord is proud to be yet again breaking new ground in the youth marching music world and hopes that our audiences will enjoy the performances. Although the show to be performed at Halifax is still in a very basic form, the members have thoroughly enjoyed exploring the new style and are looking forward to further developments involving a greater range of instruments and movement techniques – there is much more to come.

T.C.E. has a schedule of performances booked for the forthcoming season, including further winterguard shows, the Midlands Musical Miscellany preview show in Nottingham plus local appearances at a Sheffield Sharks basketball game and a large charity ball in Sheffield. Other appropriate opportunities are being sought.

All enquiries about “The Concord Experience” should be addressed by telephone : 0114 249 1460 or by email to :




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