Dagenham Crusaders are back!!

8th of March 2009 was an historical day in British Drum Corps as one of the original member corps of DCUK and the 1st DCUK Champions, the Dagenham Crusaders Drum & Bugle Corps, came back together to form their Alumni Corps as a tribute to our late Corps Director Mr. John Johnson (one of the founders of DCUK) and as part DCUK’s 30th anniversary celebrations in 2009.

Dagenham Crusaders Alumni - Brass The turnout was fantastic with 84 members attending the 1st Rehearsal. The membership spanned the entire life of the corps from 1978 – 1988, with some members being in the original Dagenham Corps of Drums (1968 – 1977) from which the Crusaders were formed. 

There were some 20 members in attendance who are the very proud owners of the original 1980 DCUK Champions (red) patch. 

What the corps achieved in the first two and a half hours of rehearsal after 21+ years was phenomenal and the excitement level is extraordinary. The Dagenham Crusader family spirit is alive and kicking.

The corps includes, at the moment, 26 Guard, Drum Line of 25 including 10 Snares and a Brass Line of 33 including 6 Contras, we are confident will grow over the coming rehearsals.

Dagenham Crusaders Alumni - PercussionThe show will include some of the old Dagenham classics and will contain some drill but mainly concert formations due to the time and physical restraints that we have as we are all somewhat older boys and girls now. But we can assure you it will be one hell of a performance!!!

We would like to thank all the Band and Drum Corps people who have come to our aid with the loan and donations of equipment, who without, this project would have not even got off the ground.
Steve Lees of Kicking Brass.
Glyn Boyington and Concord Drum & Bugle Corps.
Greg Small and the Scottish Drum Corps Alumni.
Frank Wade and the Anchormen.
Keith Mann and Big Dog Drums.
Adam Dudley and the Trinity School Show Band.
Phil Clegg and 6th Hove Scouts Drum & Bugle Corps.
Joe Fitzpatrick & John McNamara and Senators Drum & Bugle Corps.

Thank You!!!

For more information please see the Dagenham Crusaders page on www.facebook.com.

If there is anyone who can help or would like to participate please contact either Joe Osborn or Dexter Roberts at dagcrusaders09@yahoo.co.uk

12th March 2009



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