Kidsgrove Scouts launch new website

In 2010 The Kidsgrove Scouts Organisation will celebrate 100 years in existence. This is a truly momentous milestone and for members past, present and future, something definitely to be a part of.

The celebrations will start in 2009 and continue and grow into 2010. The show concepts for all three units, Senior Corps, Winterguard & Junior Corps will be linked very close to the ethos, values and history of the organisation. 

The 2009 Winterguard show is called “Inches” which is very much based around “our team” values – the 2009 Summer shows will be released very soon. 

In order to release the detailed plans that are already underway for 2009 & 2010 we have developed a new website with a new address, 

Many thanks go to Laura Swanwick who has worked extremely hard over the past few months to get the website up and running, Laura will be the new Website manager for the Kidsgrove Scouts Drum & Bugle Corps. A special thanks from the corps also goes out to Dave Lawton who gave us technical advise throughout setting up the website

We hope people enjoy the website as we look forward to 2009 and beyond and sharing all our experiences with the DC community worldwide.

20th March 2009



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