Waterlooville Drum Corps reforming

Press Release by Waterlooville Drum Corps

The Waterlooville Drum Corps is reforming after 20 years, we are currently looking for new and old members alike, so if you used to march with the corps or you live in or around the Portsmouth area and would like to join then please get in contact by visiting the new Waterlooville Drum Corps website at www.waterlooville-dc.org.uk

The site is dedicated to past and present members of the Waterlooville Drum Corps. The Corps is a non-profit organisation. We are currently in the process of reforming after 20 years as an Alumni Corps made up of previous members. However we are also looking to recruit new members, age does not matter as long as you have the drive to learn and above all have fun.

We are also looking for sponsors and any other corps that might be able to loan or sell any instruments as all ours got farmed out when the corps disbanded, please email admin@waterlooville-dc.org.uk if you can help out.


15th June 2009



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