Northern Star Return to Competition

Press Release by Northern Star

This past weekend was one of significant importance for the Northern Star Drum & Bugle Corps from Leeds, England. Having taken the decision to not march in 2008 many thought they would have seen the end of the 4 times British Youth Band Association Champions and twice Drum Corps Europe runners-up. This Saturday, however, saw the corps take to the field for the first time since DCE Championships night 2007.

And what better place to do that than their Spiritual home and venue for the Corps 'home' show Mount Pleasant in Batley. The corps took the field at 3pm with their 2009 production of "From A to B". New faces were abound both on staff and on the field and the passion that these members, staff and supporters feel for this great achievement was clear for all to see as they performed with hunger and obvious pride.

Taking the title and all captions was great to cap off what was also the corps' 15th Anniversary but it was obvious that the major point of the day was the journey the corps has been on since the decision was made in early 2008 to sit that year out. Loyal members all over the field, joined by new members in all captions, now fully fledged members of the Unity at Northern Star, wore the Star with pride and passion, proud of the hard work from all areas of the organisation over the past 15 months or so.

The corps now looks forward to progressing on their journey through the 2009 season on the way to the three Championship events they are due to compete in during September and early October.


16th June 2009



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