European score page DCE certified shows

If you want to find out how the European Drum Corps relate to each other there is now a special European score page. It features the scores from the contests which have been DCE certified so far in 2009. Jubal have the highest ranking so far in Open Class.

With Drum Corps Netherlands, Drum Corps United Kingdom and the Irish Marching Band Association all running DCE Certified contests the scores should be comparable. "This information gives a good picture of how the Corps stand against each other" said DCE Chairman Marcel Matthijs. "Of course the list is not waterproof as contests have taken place on different dates and not all Corps have been measured directly against each other but it give us a good indication of roughly how the Corps stand".

At this point Jubal head the ranking but only three-tenths behind them are The Senators, Kidsgrove Scouts are third and Beatrix fourth. For the complete rankings visit The black numbers indicate the score achieved on that day whilst the the grey scores indicate the Corps was not at that contest but was their last score obtained


11th August 2009



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