Senators launch 2010 show: 'Just Add'

Every show starts with a blank canvas and music and visual are added to build the perfect drum corps show. In 2010, the Senators will be exploring this idea in great depth as they 'Just Add...' the musical and visual ingredients into their show to go from their blank canvas and build into an entertaining, colourful, crescendo of effect underpinned by the level of performance and excellence expected from the 8-time DCUK and 2-time DCE champions.

Corps Director Joe Fitzpatrick said: "This show concept presents the corps with a huge pallette of ideas around which to build an exciting show for our audience and our performers. We are all very excited about 2010." Programme Co-ordinator Tim Gardiner returning to the corps in 2010 said: "We are well underway with the design process for the 2010 show. We are storyboarding lots of 'Just add...' episodes that will fit together to produce a creative, innovative package that will allow the corps to do what they do best - perform and excel. We have a great vision of what each separate musical episode will be and are slotting great, entertaining music into that structure."

As in the past three seasons, some of the show will be original music by the Senators' music writer Andrew Markworth, but the design staff are also looking at pieces by a diverse range of composers from George Harrison to Michael Daugherty which may or may not end up in the final mix. "We can be sure that whatever does end up in the final selection, it will be a show with a lot of creative, clever and colourful ideas that will entertain audiences throughout Europe in 2010"

It all starts on November 21st with the first rehearsal at the Pavillion in the Park, Eastleigh. The 2010 teaser can be watched here.


3rd November 2009



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