DCE change Class names

Press release by DCE

Drum Corps Europe will be changing the names of the different classes. The ancient terms Open Class and Cadet Class will disappear with immediate effect. From 2010, DCE will use the terms Premier Class and Junior Class. This was announced by the DCE management team at the symposium.

The terms Open Class and Cadet Class are clear to the drum corps audience, but they may be unclear to new audiences in outlining what sort of corps they can expect. "The term Cadet Class has been referred to as the Junior Class for years in DCUK", stated DCE chair Marcel Matthijsse. "Now that we have changed the names, everybody knows right away that these are youth corps, with no room for uncertainty."

The term Open Class was also carefully examined. The difference between the Open Class and the A-Class is usually unclear to the audience. "The Open Class is the highest class in drum corps, but those who are unfamiliar with the activity may think that the A-Class is the main one", said Matthijse. "We have long debated on a new name and we believe that the term Premier Class makes clear what the class is about."

At the symposium, the reaction to the new names was positive. However, various people wondered why the A-Class was not renamed as well. Although this would be a logical next step, this is primarily a matter for the national organisations that use the A-Class, as DCE no longer has an A-Class. DCE believes that the new names can promote awareness of drum corps and hopes that the drum corps fans will quickly get used to the new names. 


2nd February 2010



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