Staffordshire Knights announce 2010 production

Press release by Staffordshire Knights

After another year in the development of the corps, the Staffordshire Knights would like to announce their 2010 programme.

Using the music of Dvoák, Ginastera, Shostakovich and Mahler, the corps will present a show entitled 'Life Cycle'.

Staffordshire KnightsThroughout the production, SK will portray the different paths we choose in life, and the difficult decisions we each have to make. Some of these life choices will be good, and inevitably, some will be bad. The performance will be the exploration of the following themes - Creation, Life, Death and Resurrection. The show aims to be both entertaining for the audience, as well as challenging to the members.

As well as competing on the DCUK circuit, the corps is delighted to have been selected to compete in Kerkrade, Holland for the DCE Championships, in September.

The corps will be previewing their show at the Midlands Musical Miscellany concert in Leamington, on Sunday 7th March

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