Dagenham Crusaders announce their 2010 production

Press release by Dagenham Crusaders

"Somewhere In Time"

One of the Crusaders most memorable pieces lends its name to this years performance after a break from competition of 22 years.

Imagine the field as a timeline of the decades....watch and listen as this years Crusaders journey through time, exploring the full spectrum of sights and sounds that brought us all to where we are today. Our histogram of time will explore Jazz, classical and contemporary sounds with a visual feast to match. Sit back and enjoy the journey......

Corps Director Joe Osborn explains.... "our creative team have managed to capture classic moments in time, which represent something to every drum corps fan in the audience. We aim to excite and motivate everyone, members and fans alike. The 2010 Crusaders are delighted to offer a journey through time bringing us to today, all done in the unmistakable Dagenham way. Our goal is simple..... To entertain everybody the only way we know how..."

22nd Feb 2010



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