South African Field Band Foundation at World Cup

Press Release by South Africa’s Field Band Foundation via the British Federation

Changing lives one tune at a time
Since our founding thirteen years ago, the Field Band Foundation (FBF) has grown tremendously into a mature and goal achieving non-profit organisation, whose dream is to dramatically impact the lives of our economically challenged and often misguided youth through cheerful music and dance. With our incredible forthcoming 2010 FIFA World Cup performances, the FBF gains an opportunity to soar even higher and achieve global exposure. 

Our objective at the FBF is to attract youth from socially and economically challenged communities. Through the magic of an exciting and creative activity we can bring about positive change, giving our students the ability to end their cycle of poverty and meaningfully shape a constructive future. Our FBF Academy is the substructure on which the Field Band Foundation aims to fulfil each member’s emotional, spiritual and intellectual needs. targeting the youth between the ages of 7 and 21 all from various socially and economically challenged parts of South Africa. Through the power of music the FBF stimulates, excites and empowers the youth. 

The many difficulties faced by our members include: 61.2% of their parents being unemployed, or living in child headed households, as 1.8% of them do. Before joining the FBF 92.7% of our members had no access to arts or music and our members average age is 15.5 years old. However, on a positive note, the FBF has expanded and now boasts 38 field bands countrywide with 4000 members from 297 schools in 114 townships. With results such as these, the invaluable change to each member’s life is proof that the FBF is both very necessary and a success. 
The FBF is fortunate to have a productive and close relationship with the Norwegian Band Foundation, ( whose steady commitment over the years has had a massive impact; contributing to our overall growth as an organisation and greatly enriching the experience and lives of our children. We are fortunate as this association allows the FBF to undergo continuous external evaluation, helping in providing a constant challenge for us and a standard to live up to. 

The FBF was delighted to be given the honour of playing a part in the 2010 FIFA World Cup celebrations. Being given the opportunity to be part of an event that means so much to their country, is more than these young people could ever wish for and acts as a personal reflection to each student of their remarkable progression - considering the many difficulties they have faced. 

The FBF has performed in the 100 and 50 day countdown celebrations. FBF will also provide training for around 370 of their members to participate in the prestigious opening event. Another 60 Field Band members will also be given the duty of leading performers from the rehearsal area to the stadium at the start of the proceedings on 11June. To conclude, they will also perform at the world cup closing ceremony, the format of which is shrouded in secrecy. This association with the 2010 FIFA World Cup will undoubtedly boost the confidence of the young men and women, becoming an experience and memory never to be forgotten. 

18 FBF members will also be part of the IFAS production of “Les Grandes Personnes” during the 2010 FIFA World Cup and the Grahamstown Festival.

We passionately believe in the astounding impact that the discipline of music and dance has on our youth. With our field bands in full action over the world cup period, we will have a chance to show the world our youth’s amazing talent.

Visit us at or contact: Retha Cilliers on 083 775 4348

10th June 2010



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