Kidsgrove Scouts - First DCA show result

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The regular season is over and the last two shows were not without excitement. Kidsgrove Scouts from England arrived in Bridgeport and left the audience yelling for more. Instead of yelling "The British are coming" - it was "The British are here and WOW!"  They scored close to 6 time world champs Bushwackers and immediately made a statement that they will be a corps to be reckoned with next Saturday in Rochester. Hurricanes continued their dominance of Caballeros in this last JFK Stadium show of the year. To the West in Reading, the home town Bucs continued to roll posting the highest score of the season, but found an entertaining Empire Statesmen right on their heels. The gap is closing fast making next week no sure thing for the undefeated Bucs. The rest of the Reading show helped line up the Class A corps as Fusion Core bested a strong Carolina Gold for third and fourth with Grenadiers close behind. These corps grabbed the top 3 seeds in Class A while White Sabers posted their highest number of the year and jumped considerably higher in the seedings. Class A will be quite a battle. Stay tuned for much more on this week's 46th annual DCA World Championship starting Friday in Rochester, NY.

1.  Hurricanes   93.60
2.  Caballeros   91.938
3.  Bushwackers   85.725
4.  Kidsgrove Scouts   83.325

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30th August 2010



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