Black Knights proudly present: 'Knights, Camera, Action' 

Press Release by Black Knights

In 2011, the Black Knights will be celebrating their 20th anniversary in competition and once again be looking to entertain the masses, bringing well-known popular music to the field, with an exciting visual package to match. 

Blacks Knights 2011Part One - The Red Carpet
Welcome to the glitz and glamour of the celebrity world. See the highs and lows of our renowned celebs, from the red carpet to the paparazzi following.

Part Two - Celebration
We now enter into the world of celebrations. The drinks are flowing the club is packed; everyone is out with their camera's capturing magical moments to look back on. Black Knights intend to get the party started and get the audience getting on down to the beat of the music! 

Part Three - Family Reunion
One of Black Knights greatest strengths is the solidarity and friendships throughout the organisation. As a corps, we are one big family, so to demonstrate that on the field will be something quite special. Family reunions are brimming with emotions for us to embrace, with a touching piece of music to match. 

Part 4 - The Watched
Black Knights end their production looking into the ever-growing world of CCTV and security surveillance. We cannot escape from it, so can we embrace it? This is going to be a fast paced finish to the 2011 production, exploring the new age electronic era that we live.

The music will be presented to the membership on 14th November during our first open rehearsal (1pm-6pm).

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19th October 2010



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