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Brass Impact & Guests in Support of Milly's Journey



Brass Impact are bringing their LIVE & SWINGIN' show to Warrington.

Friday 24th June 2011 - Tetley Walker Club, Warrington 
Tickets £10 each from

Our stage show pays tribute to some of the greatest artists the jazz and big band idiom has ever known – Frank Sinatra, Maynard Ferguson, Stan Kenton, Dean Martin, Ella Fitzgerald, Michael Buble, Sammy Davis Jnr, Buddy Rich etc – and holds true to the wonderful arrangements that these vocalists and bands have made legendary.

Our main aim is to provide our members and audiences with the opportunity to experience big band like they've never heard it before, and the use of non-conventional big band instruments such as mellophones (similar to that of the mellophoniums used by the Stan Kenton Orchestra in the early 1960's) and the little used 'valve' trombones, fused together with the drive of our 4 piece rhythm sec (including latin percussion) provides us with a very unique and exciting sound. 

Performing at prestigious venues hosted by clients such as – Edinburgh, Glasgow and Derry International Jazz Festivals, Disneyland, Paris, BBC, British Armed Forces, Jools Holland Jam House, Hilton Hotels etc – our Live & Swingin’ show has now been enjoyed by 1000’s and is now established as Scotland's Premier tribute to the kings and queens of big band jazz and swing, past and presents.

For this very special event, Brass Impact are inviting 'old friends' to guest with the band! (inc. some amazing players from the likes of High Brass, Anchormen Ensemble, Kidsgrove Scouts and more!) This is a one time opportunity NOT TO BE MISSED!

We want to fill the 220 capacity and make it an evening to remember for a great cause and friends – First come first served, DON'T MISS OUT!

For more information about the band visit their website:

Who Is Milly?

Milly is the daughter of past Corps member and DCUK Judge Paul Vaughan and was born 7 weeks premature in December 2005. She had health problems from day one and never took to feeding. At 3 months old she developed pneumonia and suffered terribly from acid reflux and vomitting, she wasn't gaining weight and became very poorly. An NG tube was inserted to feed her but this was very problematic and eventually we won our battle to get her referred to Great Ormond St hospital. The doctors discovered via chest xrays that milly could not swallow, and the milk had been silently entering her chest rather than stomach, and recommended she have a gastrostomy tube directly into the stomach rather than ng tube down the nose. 

When she was well established with feeding and her chest improved, at the age of 1, she was CT scanned to check the brain for any cause for the swallowing difficulties. They discovered an optic glioma brain tumour sitting centrally on the optic nerves. An 18 month course of chemo was commenced when she was 16 months old and finished just before she turned 3 at the end of 2007. The chemo worked well and the tumour shrank slightly. Surgery has never been an option due to the location of the tumour, and radiotherapy was not possible due to it's aggressive nature on such a small brain. Milly had MRI scans every 3 months to monitor the tumour, and in October 2010 we had a scan result that confirmed the findings of the previous scan 3 months earlier; the tumour was growing again.

Chemo was recommenced in November 2010. Treatment got off to a slow start due to problems with no bed availabilty, bad weather, ill health etc. 

On the 2nd cycle Milly became very unwell, in January 2011, and it was discovered she had developed hydrocephalus, fluid on the brain. It was touch and go for a while, but an urgent brain op to put a shunt in to drain the fluid quickly improved her health. The doctors were not happy with the progress of the tumour and recommended Proton therapy in the USA and in April the family set off to America for treatment to commence.

You can found out more about Milly's Journey at


5th May 2011



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