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New Corps to be launched in Essex

Press release by Trinity Music Academy 

Trinity Music Academy is a Drum & Bugle Corps based in the UK. It officially launches in September 2011, being the first new drum corps in Essex for many years.

In fact, Drum & Bugle Corps in Essex are more or less extinct. Once known for having some of THE best Drum & Bugle Corps in the country - Mayflower from Billericay, Blue Eagles from Basildon and of course the Dagenham Crusaders. 

You could not go from town to town in Essex back in the 80's without bumping into a Marching Band, the Hadleigh Marching Militaire, Southend Blue Jackets, Wickford Show Band as well as the top Drum and Bugle Corps... that has unfortunately all changed.

Follow us and our 'Mission Impossible' to re-boot and kick-start the activity in Essex. Join us on our mission and watch us grow from nothing, to hopefully one of the best Drum & Bugle Corps in the country.. and then the world!

The first board meeting will be held at the beginning of July 2011 - if you would like to be involved, please do not hesitate to contact.

To keep updated in how we progress visit our Facebook site 

14th June 2011



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