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DCE 2011- First European title for The Company

Press release by Drum Corps Europe

The Company from Barnsley are the new European Champions in the DCE Premier Class. With a score of 87.45, the corps not only took the title, but also won most captions. So the title will remain in Britain. Last night (24th September), the Finals proved to be an unrivalled drum corps competition with incredible shows, perfect weather and a packed stand.
Prior to the DCE European Championships, many wondered whether the title would remain in Britain this year. This did turn out to be the case. The Brits dominate the top of the Premier Class. The Kidsgrove Scouts came second with 85.20 points. Juliana came third (83.35).
In the Prelims, Jubal from Dordrecht was beaten by Beatrix from Hilversum, but in Finals Jubal managed to finish in fourth place (82.05), making Beatrix drop by one place compared to the Prelims (81.75). The Black Knights came sixth (81.30). The Starriders gave a strong performance which earned them seventh place (74.95).
The 6th from Brighton came eighth (71.75) and Millennium from Verdello placed ninth (71.20). It was the first time that two Italian corps placed for the Finals, because both Millenium and Besana (68.35) made it through to the Finals. Five corps didn't make it through to the evening performances: Poynton Commodores (65.80), Staffordshire Knights (60.65), Con Spirito (60.15), Marum (56.60) and Mosson (54.55).
Premier Class Finals
1. The Company (87.45)
2. Kidsgrove Scouts (85.20)
3. Juliana (83.35)
4. Jubal (82.05)
5. Beatrix (81.75)
6. Black Knights (81.30)
7. Starriders (74.95)
8. The 6th (71.75)
9. Millennium (71.20)
10. Besana (68.35)

Premier Class Prelims
1. The Company (84.75)
2. Kidsgrove Scouts (83.20)
3. Juliana (81.05)
4. Beatrix (79.75)
5. Jubal (79.50)
6. Black Knights (78.85)
7. Starriders (71.85)
8. Millennium (71.20)
9. The 6th (71.15)
10. Besana (66.25)
11. Poynton Commodores (65.80)
12. Staffordshire Knights (60.65)
13. Con Spirito (60.15)
14. Marum (56.60)
15. Mosson (54.55)

Recaps can be found here: Recap Prelims - Recap Finals


26th September 2011



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