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DCUK announce class structure for 2012

Following the recent Membership Meeting the Board of Drum Corps United Kingdom (DCUK) has been giving serious consideration regarding how to structure the competitive element of the organisation for the 2012 season - and beyond. 

In recent years the DCUK Board has been clear in its role regarding managing DCUK with the minimum of rules and regulations thus creating a much more friendly approach to the UK’s drum corps competitive arena, whilst maintaining a fair and equitable competitive environment where Corps can both be challenged and flourish.

At the Membership Meeting the DCUK Board were asked to consider a revised structure to allow Corps who are not currently able to compete at the ‘top end’ of the activity a pathway to enable their units to ‘feel’ this challenging and flourishing environment.

The DCUK Board is therefore pleased to announce the following three tier class structure:

Open Class
A Class
Junior Class

The following guidelines should allow Corps to ‘self-select’ the relevant competitive class for the 2012 season.

As the title suggests - this is open to all and remains as it has been for the past 3 seasons.

This class is ideal for those corps who are looking for a competitive environment which is not pitched at the very top of the activity. Perhaps with units who are less experienced or able than those in the Open Class. This class will be judged to a different tolerance to Open Class, so no direct score comparison can be made between Corps in the Open and A Class, but will still be open age.

This class is predominately for Corps who are Cadet/Junior/Feeder Corps of existing Open or A Class Corps. Consideration may also be given to very new/inexperienced Corps who wish to perhaps place their emphasis upon enjoyment and performance rather than the competitive element.

At the DCUK Championships 
The A Class and Junior Class Championships will be decided upon by a ‘straight run’ – i.e. there will only be a Finals event and no Prelims. For Open Class where there will be a Prelims competition and, if there are more than 8 Corps competing in Open Class, then the maximum number of Corps that will progress to complete in the evening Finals event will be 8 although, if time permits, exhibitions may be offered to any Open Class Corps who does not make it through to Finals.

In line with DCUK’s policy of keeping rules and regulations to a minimum, Corps will be allowed to self-select whether they wish to enter the A or Open Class for the 2012 season.

Registration for DCUK 2012 will open at 10am on Wednesday 1st December and will be an on-line only process accessed via the DCUK website. – full details will be released soon.


18th November 2011



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