DCUK Board Meeting News
Constitutional Reform Proposal

At the recent meeting of the DCUK Board of Trustees, which was extremely well attended by a wide cross-section of Drum Corps and Winterguard representatives, it was agreed that a proposal that had been presented by the WGUK Board would be put to the membership for consideration.

Briefly, the proposal involves a re-organisation of the Charity to provide greater representation for the Winterguards.

At the moment only Drum Corps may be members of DCUK and have voting rights at General Meetings. The proposal from WGUK will see the following changes:

The name of the Charity will be changed. Although a name has not yet been decided, this will only really affect dealings with The Charity Commission and other similar business.

DCUK will then elect its own Board of six members, in the same way as WGUK recently elected its own Board. In each case a member of the respective Judging season will sit on the DCUK and WGUK Board. The Chairman, Deputy Chairman and the Judges Representative will all then sit on the main charity Board along with the Charity Chairman, Deputy Chairman and Treasurer - all of whom would be elected by the whole membership.

The result of having two separate boards, each devoted to a specific aspect of the activity is to allow greater autonomy and accountability to the summer and winter activities and to allow the winter activity fair representation in the management of the organisation.

DCUK Chairman, Gavin Johnson, commented "This is an exciting time for DCUK, the Charity, and this reform will give each aspect of our organisation much better control over how they run their respective seasons".

The proposal will be presented to, and voted on, at the Annual General Meeting, which has been brought forward to 22nd October, in order to accommodate time for the changes to take place prior to the start of the Winterguard season.








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