"Concord Classic" Details

Continuing the long-running series of top class DCUK shows presented by CONCORD the 2006 version will have competition in Cadet Class, Class "A" and Open Class at Grantham Town FC on Saturday 3rd September starting at 1.50pm

In addition we will also continue our tradition of presenting guest performances to punctuate the day with different experiences. This year THE FORGEMEN PERCUSSION THEATRE will be performing their unique blend of percussive arts and movement and THE WARRINGTON PHOENIX DRUM & TRUMPET CORPS will be re-creating the music of yesterday as they add a touch of nostalgia with their Eb trumpets and percussion show. A rare opportunity for drum corps audiences to enjoy a nostalgic moment with this fine alumni group.

Show organisor, Roger Steele, says "The venue is well known to all regular drum corps fans as a friendly and intimate stadium with excellent facilities all round for both competitors and spectators"

Make it a MUST on your calendar of contest visits this year.

Full details available here and Revised Timetable here

3rd August 2006

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