Cavaliers take DCI Quarter Finals

The Cavaliers have taken the first of three Division I shows at the DCI World Championships in Madison, Wisconsin, but two other corps appear to have not given up their right to lay claim to the big prize on Saturday night.

Plus, all throughout the Quarterfinals lineup, there are a number of tight races heading into the rest of the week.

A phenomenal race has developed at the top that has added tension and excitement to the competitive proceedings. Phantom Regiment (3rd-96.025) is within .9 of winning the gold medal, largely based on a 1st place finish in percussion (.55 over the Cavaliers and .50 over Blue Devils) and brass (only .1 over the Cavaliers and .3 over Blue Devils). The corps also took 1st place in visual performance by a scant margin.

Blue Devils (2nd-96.525) took top honours in visual ensemble (by .1 over the Cavaliers) and color guard by the same small spread. The corps hung tight in all other captions. The Cavaliers (1st-96.900) took 1st place in general effect visual and music, opening up a total general effect spread over Phantom Regiment by .8, but only .2 over Blue Devils. The .55 spread down from Phantom Regiment in percussion might be a deciding factor come Saturday, as well might be that large spread in general effect. 

Place Corps Score
1 The Cavaliers 96.900
2 Blue Devils 96.525
3 Phantom Regiment 96.025
4 The Cadets 93.475
5 Bluecoats 92.975
6 Santa Clara Vanguard 92.375
7 Carolina Crown 89.675
8 Blue Knights 89.650
9 Boston Crusaders 89.325
10 Madison Scouts 88.250
11 Glassmen 88.125
12 Spirit from JSU 86.525
13 Colts 84.625
14 Crossmen 82.675
15 Blue Stars 82.225
16 Capital Regiment 81.925
17 Mandarins 78.375
18 Southwind 77.950
19 Seattle Cascades 75.525
20 The Magic 75.225
21 Pacific Crest 74.900
22 Esperanza 72.800
23 Pioneer 71.550

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11th August 2006









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