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Black Knights 2013 presents...


Press Release by Black Knights

Black Knights 2013 programme is titled 'Yesterday's Today'. We will explore and appreciate yester years creation's by the World's most inquisitive and forward thinking mind's of their times. These ahead of their time inventions continue to be developed and enhanced to suit present day's fast paced and ever changing lifestyles.


Watch and enjoy as the production revolves through times and period's, using both artistic and creative effects to unfold and recognised the importance of these inventions that in today's life, we take for granted. Embrace these time changing events and feel the intense, subtle and sophisticated sounds performed by the Black Knights. 

Black Knights will continue to perform a high energy and entertaining program which they have become renowned and embraced for. Our 2013 program is guaranteed to provide a feeling of nostalgia and anticipation as you join us on our exploration for these original inventions and the opportunity to view what our future my behold........." 

You Tube clip announcing 2013 programme

18th December 2012



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