Cavaliers are DCI World Champions 2006

On a night when many corps moved up or down in the rankings, the Cavaliers of Rosemont, Ill., rose above the scuffle and maintained their first-place status to win the 2006 DCI Division I World Championship with a final score of 97.200.

The Cavaliers’ director Jeff Fiedler was very happy with the result. “A lot of good performances obviously caused some decision-making, and we had a great performance ourselves, so when the dust clears, we wind up on top,” he said. “But it’s a good feeling no matter what. It’s a good feeling for this group of students – some of them have never experienced this.”


The Cavaliers won their seventh DCI title Saturday night in Madison by capturing the Jim Ott Best Brass Award, the Best Visual Award, and the Don Angelica Best General Effect Award. Phantom Regiment surprised Blue Devils in capturing its first Fred Sanford Best Percussion Award, but Blue Devils nailed down the George Zingali Best Color Guard Award.

The Cavaliers (1st-97.200) surprisingly placed third in general effect visual, a caption it had owned the rest of the week, took general effect music, visual performance and visual ensemble, music brass and music ensemble, and placed second in color guard and fourth in percussion.

Phantom Regiment (2nd-96.850) sprung into first in general effect visual and opened a .7 spread over the Cavaliers in percussion and a .3 spread over Blue Devils, its nearest competitor in the caption. Bluecoats, long a contender for the title, settled for third in Percussion.

Blue Devils (3rd-96.550), after being undefeated until the San Antonio major event, slipped to third for the first time all season by placing fourth in brass and third in general effect music. However, the second place in general effect visual, visual performance and percussion kept the corps in the hunt until the end. One must remember that although BD placed third overall, the corps was .65 from winning the Championship outright. 

1 The Cavaliers 97.200
2 Phantom Regiment 96.850
3 Blue Devils 96.550
4 Bluecoats 93.175
5 The Cadets 93.075
6 Santa Clara Vanguard 92.350
7 Blue Knights 90.125
8 Carolina Crown 89.975
9 Madison Scouts 87.700
10 Boston Crusaders 87.325
11 Glassmen 86.000
12 Spirit from JSU 84.825

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13th August 2006









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