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DCE Performance Order and 5 year deal at Kerkrade


The order of performances during the Premier Class Prelims and Junior Class Finals at the DCE European Championships have been announced. The French corps Kadoudal will kick off the day with their the first appearance in the Premier Class. After the DCUK Finals, the order has been determined based on the national scores. 

The order of performances (Premier Class Prelims and Junior Class Finals) is as follows:

09.30 - Kadoudal 
09.48 - Staffordshire Knights 
10.06 - Mosson 
10.24 - Con Spirito 
10.42 - Spirit of 52 
11.00 - Tallaght YB Marching Vikings 
11.18 - Nexus 
11.36 - Besana Secutores 
11.54 - Heartliner 
12.12 - break 
12.45 - Commodores 
13.03 - Starriders 
13.21 - Beatrix 
13.39 - Black Knights 
13.57 - Juliana 
14.15 - Jubal 
14.33 - Kidsgrove Scouts 
14.51 - The Company 

15.15 - Confetti 
15.32 - Kidsgrove Scouts Juniors 
15.49 - Jong Beatrix 
16.06 - Ravens 
16.23 - Johan Friso 
16.40 - Jong Jubal

The evening programme with the ten highest placed Premier Class corps will start at 18.30 hours (preceded by the Junior Class Champions performance). At 22.05 the new European Premier Class champions will be crowned during the Award Ceremony.

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The DCE European Championships will be held in the Parkstad Limburg Stadium until 2017. Drum Corps Europe and Roda JC have signed a five-year contract.

The event moved from Rotterdam (where Sparta was its host) to the Parkstad Limburg Stadium in 2008. Meanwhile, the DCE European Championships have become the biggest drum corps event in Europe. The Parkstad Limburg Stadion is a beautiful stadium where Drum Corps Europe, the corps and the drum corps fans feel perfectly at home.

DCE is happy with the multi-year contract. "We feel comfortable in Kerkrade and at Roda JC", said board member Rob Beeren. "Both the city and the football club have a long tradition with music and show. Both the corps and music lovers know where they need to be in the coming years."


23rd September 2013



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