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Launch of the DCE Video Vault


Press release from Drum Corps Europe

The DCE Video Vault has officially been launched. Drum corps fans can now watch all performances of the DCE European Championships 2013 in HD quality. Performances from previous years can also be viewed.

Previously, it took more than three months before the recordings of the DCE European Championships were available, now all performances are available to watch a mere two weeks after the event. That includes the Premier Class Prelims that were previously not recorded. Everything is filmed with four cameras and is offered in High Definition quality, a much higher quality than previous years.

A team of seventeen volunteers has worked hard to set up the new video platform and fill it with video recordings. In addition to the recordings of this year, the team is also working on adding the recordings of previous years. 2011, 2010 and 2008 are already available and more years will be added soon.

Subscriptions to the DCE Video Vault are available for only 19.95 and offers one year of unlimited access to the full content of the DCE Video Vault. For an extra 10 euros, DCE also offers the new VIP Membership which, among other benefits, provides access to this video platform.

DCE would like to thank the team of the Video Vault, Show & Marching Music (sound) and Peter Franken (logo design) for the great result. The Video Vault is a joint project of Drum Corps Europe and Color Guard Netherlands.

16th October 2013



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