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Eight UK units to attend 2015 DCE Championships


Drum Corps Europe have announced the names of the Corps that have been successful in applying and been accepted to compete at the 2015 European Drum Corps Championships in Kerkrade, Holland at the end of September next year.

Of the 21 Corps listed DCUK are pleased to advise that 8 are from the United Kingdom and 4 of these, 37th Kingswood, Cadence & Revolution in the Premier Class and Thurrock Marching Brass in the Junior Class, are first time attendees.

The full list of the Corps participating on 26th September 2015 are:

37th Kingswood, Bristol
Beatrix, Hilversum
Black Knights, Gravesend
Blue Diamonds, Nienhagen
Cadence, Surrey & Berkshire
Jubal, Dordrecht
Juliana, Middelburg
Kidsgrove Scouts, Kidsgrove
Mosson Secutores, Besana & Mosson
Nexus, Biggleswade & Bedford
Revolution, Queensbury

Spirit of 52, Rastede
Starriders, Bad Münder
The Company, Nottingham
The Vikings, Tallaght
Wölper Löwen, Neustadt am Rübenberge

Johan Friso, Middelburg
Jong Beatrix, Hilversum
Jong-Jolland Junioren, Zwijndrecht
Jong Jubal, Dordrecht
Thurrock Marching Brass, Thurrock

15th December 2014



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